Strategic Plan 2020-2023: CEO Launch with Morven Brooks

Disability Equality Scotland is proud to launch a new three-year Strategic Plan for 2020-2023. As a membership-led organisation, the strategy is fully formed by the views and experiences of disabled people across Scotland.

At the heart of the strategy is a mission to give all disabled people in Scotland a voice with trust, care and empathy. We will use what we hear to advocate for and enable change to improve lives.

We will achieve this through our four key priority areas:

  • Equality, Participation and Inclusion: Provide opportunities for disabled people to participate and meaningfully engage in national and local discussions, embedding Inclusive Communication in all methods of communications.
  • Access Panel Network: The Access Panel Network are recognised and trained in accessibility legislation, equality and disability awareness allowing them to address inequalities and inaccessibility in local communities across Scotland.
  • Membership: Provide a valued membership that disabled people are proud to be part of. We become the ‘go to’ organisation for disabled people to share experiences, helping change policies and law.
  • Accessible Transport: Opportunities for increased engagement between disabled people and transport providers, including Transport Scotland’s Accessibility Team, the Mobility and Access Committee for Scotland and Community Transport.

Commenting on the Strategic Plan, Morven Brooks, Chief Executive Officer of Disability Equality Scotland said:

“I am pleased to launch our new three-year Strategic Plan which provides a clear vision of Working towards Equality, Inclusion and Participation for Disabled People in Scotland. We are dedicated to engaging closely with our members and Access Panels to tackle a range of issues affecting disabled people. We will continue to foster close relationships with key stakeholders to ensure the voices of disabled people are listened to and acted on.”

Download our Strategic Plan 2020-2023 in the following formats:

Please contact us if you require the Strategic Plan 2020-2023 in an alternative format.

“If Not Now, When” – Disability Equality Scotland Response (July 2021)

We have published this report as a response and an assessment of how well we are meeting our own Strategic Priorities against Scottish Government’s call to actions from “If Not Now, When?” the Social Renewal Advisory Board Report(SRAB) published January 2021.