Meet The Team

Morven Brooks

Chief Executive Officer

Morven works with the team to ensure that Disability Equality Scotland is effective in its aims to promote equality and to reduce barriers to Independent Living. Responsible for the strategic development of the organisation, Morven continues to advance the influence and impact of Disability Equality Scotland and its stakeholders.

Emma Scott

Operations Manager

Emma is responsible for managing a broad number of projects/initiatives. Working closely with the CEO to implement the organisations’s strategy to work towards social inclusion for Disabled People in Scotland.

Ian Buchanan

Access, Training and Engagement Manager

Ian is our Access Training and Engagement Manager and it is his role to support, develop and promote the Access Panel Network. Ian is also responsible for providing guidance on accessibility to external organisations and managing our Disability Equality Access and Learning training course.

James Davidson

Communications and Research Coordinator

James is responsible for sharing information such as news, events and consultations to our members in a clear and accessible manner. This includes producing our monthly newsletter and quarterly magazine, ‘Open Door’. James is also responsible for the upkeep and population of all website content.

Fiach O’Broin-Molloy

Project Coordinator

Fiach is responsible for a project to pilot a Hate Crime Charter on the ferries network.  This project builds on the success of the pilot carried out in 2019 on the train and bus networks. The Charter acts as a zero-tolerance approach to hate crime on public transport.

Ali Bruce

Events, Training and Membership Administrator

Ali is our Events Training and Membership administrator and he works with Ian to provide support to the Access Panel Network in Scotland through training, outreach, and capacity building.  He also administers the Access Panel Grant and works with Emma on helping to deliver our disability roadshows and transport events.

Shona McEwan

Easy Read Worker

Shona produces information in Easy Read, an accessible format that makes written information easier to understand for people with a learning disability. Shona’s previous jobs have all involved working with adults with a learning disability, and she has always been a strong advocate of Inclusive Communication.

Claire Jagger

Claire Jagger

Easy Read Worker

Claire joins the team to expand our Easy Read service. For more information about our Easy Read service, including our pricing policy, visit:

Meet The Board of Trustees’

Linda Bamford: Convener

Linda BamfordLinda’s career background is mainly in NHS Scotland, initially as a psychiatric and general nurse before moving into Para-medicine with the Scottish Ambulance Service.  After 13 years as a frontline paramedic in Glasgow, Linda moved into management, holding various senior management positions within the ambulance service for a further 15 years.  She was heavily involved in Accident and Emergency ambulance service provision in various areas in Scotland and led on the previous Patient Transport Service Redesign Strategy.  Linda is the recipient of two queen’s medals.  One for “Long Service and Good Conduct – Emergency Duties” and the second for “Dedication to the NHS”.

Linda took early medical retirement after several surgeries for a spinal cord injury at L3/4/5 and S1.  During her rehabilitation Linda received support  from Spinal Injuries Scotland and got involved to help others living with a spinal cord injury.  She was previously the Chair of Spinal Injuries Scotland and continues to be an ambassador for the organisation.

Linda is involved in Children’s’ Hearings Scotland and is also a qualified counsellor.

She is the National Convener for Mobility and Access Committee for Scotland.

Linda has a passion for equality and doing the right thing and strives through her work and volunteering to bring about transformational changes that will assist everyone to lead their lives as they chose.

Linda has a Master’s in Business Administration and brings to the role experience and qualifications in Business and Operational Management, Service Delivery, Corporate Governance, Strategy Planning and Development, Risk Management, Change Management, Team Building and Leadership and Organisational Planning utilising project methodologies.

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Dorothy McKinney: Vice Convenor

Dorothy McKinneyDorothy grew up in Northern Ireland during the years described as the ‘Troubles’ and believes her intense commitment and passion for equity and fairness grew from these experiences.

Dorothy has over 35 years’ experience in Human Resources, is a trained and experienced Mediator, she has Fellowship of the CIPD and a passion for ‘Doing the Right Thing’.   Dorothy is an Associate of a number of companies throughout the UK and is the Board Chair and Director of Edinburgh Gang Show Productions Ltd.

Dorothy’s experience stretches across public, private and third sectors and she now runs her own business focusing on supporting Boards and staff groups to build good relationships, reduce and resolve conflict and have a strong business focus. Dorothy also has a strong commitment to volunteering with young people over many years and this plays an important part in her life.

Dorothy is also a Registered Mediator with the Scottish Mediation Network and undertakes pro bono support for Peer Mediators in local schools.

Dorothy has a strong focus on supporting everyone to live the life they wish to live and not the one other people, systems or processes believe they should.

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Colin Millar: Treasurer

Colin MillarColin is currently the Chief Executive Officer (Executive Director) of the Scottish Personal Assistant Employers Network (SPAEN), having previously served on the Board and then as Chairman of the company.

Colin worked in a number of senior civilian roles within the Scottish Police Service including Head of the Criminal Records Bureau for Central Scotland Police before leaving to work in the voluntary sector.

Colin graduated in Management in 2006 and went on to become an EFQM Business Excellence Practitioner and Accredited Assessor.  He is also a Fellow of the Chartered Management Institute (FCMI); a Member of the Institute of Directors (MIoD) and a Member of the Institute of Consulting (MIC).

As a young child, Colin had Legg-Calvé Perthes Disease, a disease which significantly impaired his mobility and independence, an experience he draws on daily as he now seeks to support others to live full, active and inclusive lives and fulfil their potential and ability.

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Janis McDonald

Janis McDonaldJanis is currently the Chief Officer of the Scottish Council on Deafness. Janis has a nursing background and has worked in the Public and Third Sectors. She has thematic specialties: addictions, particularly alcohol; homelessness; equalities and deafness. Working in service provision, local and national intermediates, and a range of locations in Scotland, has allowed her to develop a range of skills, experience, and knowledge. She is now particularly interested in quality and standards, governance and communication equality.

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Maureen Morrison

Maureen MorrisonMaureen has experience working at board level gained through being a Director with Spinal Injuries Scotland for 6 years before taking up the position of interim General Manager.

Maureen’s involvement with Spinal Injuries Scotland (SIS) commenced after learning about their work during one of her appointments at the Spinal Injuries Unit in Glasgow.  Maureen has a Spinal Cord Injury.

Maureen has lived experience of issues effecting people with disabilities both visible and hidden. She enjoys working with people and building partnerships and relationships and has an innovative approach to fundraising and an evidenced track record of success in this area.

Maureen has ambassadorial experience and experience gained through volunteering within the charity sector and managing/leading a team of over 12 volunteers to provide support services for people with spinal cord injuries throughout Scotland.

The skills Maureen brings to the board are, a lived experience of disability, the ability to connect and develop partnerships, fundraising experience, experience and knowledge gained through working at board and senior management level within the charity sector, building and developing teams and the ability to network to find funding streams to allow for the provision of support services to those who need them.

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Scott Stewart

Scott StewartScott’s background in supporting communities is deeply rooted in his roles in the public and third sector. As manager for Disability Information Scotland, an organisation supporting disabled people, Scott is aware of the challenges experienced by disabled people, their families and carers and constantly strives to break down the barriers that hinder the opportunities of disabled people in our society.

Scott’s career in local government carried him through many service areas, however, it was his experience as an operational manager in service support, planning, project management and financial management that allowed him to flourish in the areas he supported.  As a member of the divisional management teams in both Revenues & Housing Management and Adult Social Care and through his work on the local authority’s risk management and divisional charging policy groups, Scott has extensive experience and developed a range of skills that he can bring to Disability Equality Scotland.

  • Service planning and performance management of large staff groups
  • Supporting on budgetary and staffing matters
  • Ensuring strong financial governance working closely with auditors, accountants and regulators to mitigate risks
  • Delivering organisational change through work on business service review and management review groups
  • Implementing and embedding service wide initiatives, including the Scottish Public-Sector Ombudsman’s model complaints process
  • Project managed the procurement and delivery of business-critical systems into the local authority including Council Tax, Housing Benefit, Sundry Debt, Cash receipting systems and document management and workflow systems

As an experienced leader and understanding of the challenges experienced by disable people in our communities, Scott is very much looking forward to supporting Disability Equality Scotland in delivering our vision of a better life for disabled people.

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Carolyn Griffiths

Carolyn GriffithsCarolyn has worked in the public and private sectors, 23 years with Barclays Bank and 12 years in public sector with a Local Authority and now the NHS.

Her areas of expertise include human resource development, organisational development, project management, consultation and engagement.

Carolyn has also supported the voluntary sector, having previously spent many years as Chairman of Directors for Employability Orkney.

She was Games Maker at the London 2012 Olympics, providing support and assistance to other Games Maker volunteers, and is currently an adult volunteer with Police Scotland Youth Volunteers, the fastest growing youth organisation in the UK.

Carolyn has a strong sense of fairness and equality.

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Kenny Milne

Kenny MilneKenny has been mainly employed in various management structures at different levels including site manager on a busy pharmaceutical site.  Whilst employed as site manager Kenny had an accident at work leading him to suffer major damage to his lower back. This caused him to require four operations to attempt to repair the damage.

Unfortunately, these were not all successful and as a result Kenny now lives with the pain. Further to this he has also developed other health difficulties. Kenny uses a power chair to get around. Having been an able-bodied man and hands on dad this major change in his life was difficult for both him and his family with which to come to terms.

Kenny has since took up various volunteering roles including chairing The Three Towns Disability Forum for seven years and chairing North Ayrshire Carers Forum for six and a half years.  Through these volunteering roles, Kenny was keen to pursue a career in public involvement. He has since retrained and with the continued support of his wife has took up employment with East Ayrshire Community Health Partnership in 2005 as a Public Partnership Forum Coordinator when his role was to build a Public Partnership Forum for East Ayrshire.

Kenny can bring vast experience to the role as non-executive Director with Disability and Equality Scotland.  His life experience as an able-bodied person and as a disabled person. He genuinely empathizes with others who are faced with the same difficulties of becoming disabled.  He also brings his managerial experience to the organisation.

Kenny’s true wish is for everyone, no matter their ability, race or religion to be treated fairly and equally and that society understand that it is the environment that disables people on many occasions and that real effort is required from everyone to make this a fairer, more equal world for us all to live in and enjoy.

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Lauren Asher 

Laura AsherLauren is a full time Youth Worker based in Dumfries and Galloway. Diagnosed with Aspergers and Mental Health Conditions herself, she is a passionate advocate for inclusion and equality. Following on from the Global Changemakers Summit 2018, Lauren set up Invisible Life – a personal blog sharing her day to day experiences of living with Aspergers, in the hopes of educating others and providing insight into her day to day challenges. During COVID-19, she also set up Handprints of Hope, a social movement aimed at providing friendship and positivity during times of uncertainty for individuals disabilities who would find this time particularly challenging. She is looking forward to being part of the board and continuing to advocate for young people with physical, learning and hidden disabilities.

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Rhianne Forrest

Rhianne-Forrest.Rhianne is a 22-year-old Creative Writing, Journalism and English literature Graduate. She has worked on projects such as Thistle Assistance and more. Creative, passionate and an advocate, Rhianne continues to work for accessibility and inclusion rights for disabled people across Scotland.

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Susan Fulton

Susan FultonSusan is a local authority Chartered Surveyor with a background in the construction industry diversifying into the field of accessibility in 2004.  Susan’s role is varied and includes working with colleagues, members of the community and external stakeholders to try and ensure that services and designs for the built environment are inclusive.

Susan obtained her MSc in Accessibility and Inclusive Design from the University of Salford, is a member of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS), successfully joined their Inclusive Environment Consultant (IEC) scheme and is a consultant member of the National Register of Access Consultants (NRAC).

The specialism of accessibility and inclusive design is important to Susan.  Some of the current projects she is working on include providing inclusive design expertise to a Scottish University on a research project, taking part in the annual Civic Trust Awards in an inclusive design capacity and working with colleagues in PAMIS to promote the use of Changing Places toilets.

Susan is also a member of the Network Rail Built Environment Accessibility Panel (BEAP) where together with disabled people / access experts she provides advice to designers at the earliest possible stage in the design process.

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