About Disability Equality Scotland

We are Disability Equality Scotland.  We are a membership organisation for disabled people and disability groups/organisations.

If you are a disabled person, we want to hear from you.  We want to hear about your experiences of accessibility, inclusion and equality, good or bad!  This information helps us when we meet with key decision makers who are responsible for ensuring equality and human rights are in place with policies and the law.

Become a member with us and join over 1,000 disabled people, sharing their views on access and inclusion. Together we can make Scotland accessible and inclusive for all!

Hate Crime Charter

Disability Equality Scotland is working with transport providers and partners to launch a national Hate Crime Charter, which aims to encourage transport providers, members of the public and other services to support a zero-tolerance approach to hate crime.

Everyone has the right to travel safely. Targeting someone because of who they are is wrong and could be a criminal offence. Don't Ignore It. Report it. Features logos for Disability Equality Scotland, Transport Scotland, the South-East Scotland Transport Partnership (SESTran), People First (Scotland), Police Scotland and British Transport Police.

Who else can help?

Please be aware that unfortunately we do not take on individual cases or offer legal advice. If you need practical help and advice on dealing with ongoing issues there a number of organisations that can provide support:

Online Information Hubs

We have developed online information hubs which are easy to access online spaces that provide information, resources, case studies and news on the following:

Accessible Travel Hub Logo

Accessible Travel Hub


This Hub provides articles and information on accessible transport in Scotland; including the rules and responsibilities of transport providers.

Inclusive Design Hub Logo

Inclusive Design Hub


This Hub aims to improve awareness and encourage the take-up of inclusive design in Scotland. An inclusive approach to design ensures that the built environment is accessible to as many people as possible.

Inclusive Communication Hub Logo

Inclusive Communication Hub


The concept of Inclusive Information is simple: make everything easy to access, simple to understand and your message will go further. This Hub provides tools and guidance on how to make your information accessible.

Your Say On Disability Logo

Your Say On Disability


This Hub is a place for you to tell us your views on disability issues in Scotland through our weekly polls, surveys and consultations.  This website provides the opportunity for disabled people to help shape Scotland’s future in accessibility and equality.

Access Panel Network Logo

Access Panel Network


This Hub is where you will find everything you need to know about the Access Panel Network in Scotland like what they do, where they are and how to contact them and join your local panel.

Disability Safety Hub Logo

Disability Hate Crime


Scotland’s newest Hate Crime Hub! The Disability Safety Hub is a website aimed at disabled people to help them to identify hate crime and help them to report it.

 Do you want your say? Contact us today on 0141 370 0968
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