Access Panels

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What is an Access Panel?

Access Panels are groups of volunteers who work to improve access and inclusion for disabled people in their local community.  They do this by raising awareness and helping to change attitudes among the general public about the need for inclusive access.

Access Panels are made up of people of all ages and abilities who share a passion for the issues faced by disabled people. With the help of Disability Equality Scotland as the national umbrella body, Access Panels support their communities to become as accessible as possible, particularly in relation to the built environment, healthcare, employment, education, and transport.

Get Involved!

Joining your local Access Panel is easy and a great way to help improve accessibility in your community.

You can learn new skills, help with promotional campaigns or give support at events, help with research and publicity. Give the time and commitment with which you feel comfortable and help to make a difference in your community.

Volunteers can be disabled people, those who represent disability organisations, or others with an interest in accessibility, or have experience they can bring to the group, which increases its capacity to work effectively. Have fun, meet new people, learn new skills and raise awareness of the issues facing people of all disabilities in their everyday lives.

To find out more about the Access Panel Network and how to join your local Access Panel contact Disability
Equality Scotland:

Telephone: 0141 370 0968 or email:

We have a dedicated website for Access Panel information which contains information about panels and for panels.