Disability Equality Scotland at 20: Access Panel Spotlight

Disability Equality Scotland celebrates its 20th anniversary this year – a milestone for the organisation and for disabled people in Scotland. Throughout the past two decades, Disability Equality Scotland has been working hard to ensure that disabled people have access to the same opportunities as everyone else.

That work though simply couldn’t have been done without the Access Panel Network. Access Panels are the heart and soul of Disability Equality Scotland and  the 20th anniversary is a chance to recognise and celebrate the contribution of they’ve made in ensuring that disabled people’s lived experience is heard and taken into consideration when decisions are made.

Access Panels are made up of disabled people who use their lived experience to inform policy, practice, and research. They have been instrumental in helping shape a more inclusive society for disabled people in Scotland and we are proud to celebrate their contribution over the past two decades.

You might not be aware, but Disability Equality Scotland was established by Access Panels back in 2003 to act as an umbrella body for them and to represent their views.  Naturally, the organisation has grown and developed over the years but we have never lost our focus on supporting Access Panels across Scotland.

We also want to recognize and celebrate all the volunteers who have been part of this journey with us. By volunteering with us they have enabled us to reach out further into communities, raise awareness about disability rights, and ensure that disabled people’s voices are heard.

Let us use this special occasion to celebrate all those who have helped make Disability Equality Scotland what it is today!

To find out more about the Access Panel Network and how to join your local Access Panel contact us: