Weekly Poll Results – COVID-19: Furlough Job Retention Scheme (Week Beginning 11 May)

Question: Do you think there is enough support in place for employers and employees across Scotland?


Yes – 37% (25 respondents) No –  63% (42 respondents)

Your Comments:


Some respondents felt there is a lack of support for people who are self-employed.

“Particularly poor support for self-employed and those needing to turn to the social security system for help. The delay in receiving any financial assistance is unacceptable with claimants for universal credit having to wait weeks for a decision and then a further few weeks for a payment. This just isn’t good enough and strengthens the case for a Universal Basic Income.”

“Self-employed workers are not so well served”

“There is limited support for self-employed an issue in our sector.”


There were comments which highlighted a lack of support for carers, who are unable to access financial support to make ends meet.

“I am a part-time Staff Nurse as well as a full-time carer to my severely disabled husband. What support? I can barely get PPE!

“I’m one of the 5% who get absolutely nothing because I’m a contract worker and not full time employed.”

Information on Support

It was found to be challenging for some respondents to find information about the support that is available and how to apply for it.

“I think that there is a lot of support, however it is proving difficult for people to access what is available. However as this was something that was set up very quickly it was always likely that there would be problems.”

“I think there is a good range of support however it is difficult to navigate through it and get the right support with any degree of speed.”

“Employees and employers have been in the dark throughout, existing day to day, week to week, no plan, no preparation, many falling by the wayside into poverty.”

“Far too many conflicting statements on all subjects. What a mess we are in. Boris has not got a clue. Glad Nicola is sticking to her guns.”


A portion of respondents felt the UK Government are encouraging people back to work too soon for the benefit of the economy.

“People are being forced into returning to work before it’s properly safe to do so because of financial considerations and the lowest paid people are being put more at risk with higher contacts with others meaning they’ve a much higher chance of contracting COVID19 .”

“Economy is the key issue and so return to work of the workforce is integral and any further consequences of the virus is simply collateral damage which must be “taken on the chin”.