Hate Crime Charter at the Pickaquoy Centre

Following the successful launch of the national Hate Crime Charter with Scotland’s public transport operators, Disability Equality Scotland is developing a similar charter for use in private, public and third sector locations.

The Hate Crime Charter aims to encourage businesses, transport providers, members of the public and other services to support a zero-tolerance approach to hate crime in Scotland, while encouraging the reporting of incidents. The goal is for disabled people to feel comfortable and safe wherever they are, while raising awareness of disability hate crime in different settings.

Currently, the Charter is being implemented at the Pickaquoy Centre in Orkney. Hate crime training will be delivered at the end of August to equip staff to adequately respond to a scenario of a hate crime incident. As part of the project, resources will also be displayed to increase awareness of disability hate crime and adequate reporting of incidents to Police Scotland.

For more information about the Charter, including information on how to recognise and report hate crime, visit: