We are a member-led organisation which works with its members in a mutually beneficial way to promote equality for disabled people in Scotland.

We rely greatly on the support of our members, and our members are the voice of disabled people in Scotland.

There are two categories of membership available.  Our membership is FREE.

Corporate Membership

Individual Membership


Open to all organisations that can meet at least two of the criteria below:

  1. Interest or involvement in disability related issues
  2. Has a majority of staff or trustees who have a disability

Supports the aims of Disability Equality Scotland

Open to all people with a disability or with a personal involvement in disability


Each corporate member has one vote at our Annual General Meetings Each individual member has one vote at our Annual General Meetings


  • 50% off Disability Equality Scotland Sponsorship Premium Package
  • Quarterly printed publication, ‘Open Door magazine
  • Monthly email newsletter ‘Disability Equality News’
  • Opportunity to have your voice heard with policy consultations
  • Invitation to member events
  • Entry into our Corporate members directory on Disability Equality Scotland website
  • Promotion of your news and events through our Social Media and Membership
  • Quarterly printed magazine ‘Open Door’
  • Monthly email newsletter  ‘Disability Equality News’
  • Membership Pack includes: Members Handbook, Thistle Assistance Card, Disability Equality Scotland Badge, Disability Equality Scotland Pen
  • Opportunity to have your voice heard with policy consultations
  • Invitation to member events

Support and Signposting

We answer many member enquiries and signpost them to the appropriate organisation, individual or information source.

Networking Opportunities

We make introductions to key decision makers  and contacts and make sure members have frequent opportunities to meet and network with relevant audiences. We help members make the right connections.

Your views, experiences and expertise

All our policy is formulated directly from our member views, experiences and expertise. We believe that our members are the experts.

We respond to all relevant Scottish Government, parliamentary, think tank and other consultations.

We regularly ask our members for their views on many diverse policy issues – which then directly feeds in to our policy work and government consultation responses.

Annual General Meeting

Our Annual General Meeting is an opportunity for members to participate in the governance and representation of Disability Equality Scotland.  Members will be offered the opportunity to attend members meetings, and where eligible, vote in elections and to stand as candidates themselves. Support will be offered to members to enable them to fulfil their democratic responsibilities.

Get in touch

If you would like to become a member, please complete our online application form below:

For general information or any queries regarding membership, please contact:

Alistair Bruce

Tel: 0141 370 0968

Email: alistair@disabilityequality.scot