Make Your Voice Heard!

We would like to know what you think about what has changed for you as a disabled person and what needs to change to make life better.

By completing a short national survey, you can add your voice to help shape the future of a fairer and more inclusive Scotland.

Visit the website below to make your voice heard!

 Alternative Formats of Survey

Help us promote our survey

This year, the Scottish Government will be feeding into the UN Committee report with information on how the United Nations Convention on Rights of Persons with Disabilities (UNCRPD) has been implemented in Scotland.

‘Your Say on Disability’ is a national survey which has been developed to inform the UNC report on what disabled people feel about what is happening in Scotland with regard to disability, Independent Living and general access related issues. The survey is ongoing, and will be used to draw comparisons from year to year.

We can make the voice of disabled people louder by working together to promote Your Say On Disability across Scotland. By taking some simple steps, you can be part of gathering evidence about what disabled think about key areas such as health, transport, education and employment as well as inclusive communication, participation and Capacity Building.

Below you will find a range of ways that you can help promote this campaign.


Please add the link to your website, or even better to your online news section, if you have one. An article is available for you to use to promote the website and this can be used for your own news.

Newsletters and e-newsletters

As above, please include the website and article (download below from Resources) in your newsletters and other materials where possible. SDEF have a widely-read printed quarterly publication in which we will gladly include any disability related articles or events from your organisation.

Download  Your Say on Disability Article (90 KB)

Other Publications

We can provide a small number of stickers to add to your existing publications. Alternatively you can print the stickers below.

Download  Your Say on Disability Stickers (34 KB)

Social Media

It’s simple to add the link into your usual Twitter/Facebook feeds, or by retweeting the post from other organisational feeds.  Use the text below:

‘National Survey – Please take 10 minutes to give your thoughts on Disability in Scotland.  Go to Have Your Say on Disability in Scotland!

Email Signatures

Change your signature to include a link to the ‘Your Say on Disability’ website.  That way, every time you send an email out, the link will go with it. Changing your signature in outlook is easy. Go to Outlook/tools/options/signatures and add the weblink beneath your usual details.  Use the text below:

‘National Survey – Please take 10 minutes to give your thoughts on Disability in Scotland.  Go to Have Your Say on Disability in Scotland!


You can download the poster below.  Should you require some posters, please contact Scottish Disability Equality Forum who will arrange for some to be sent out to you.

Download  Your Say on Disability Poster (615 KB)

Let’s Talk about it!

Let people know that it’s there! Every person who completes the survey is another valuable voice on disability in Scotland.

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