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Webinar: Improving Traveline Services

Join Disability Equality Scotland as we host a webinar discussion on Monday 24 May, from 1:30pm-3:00pm about accessible journey planning, and the work Transport Scotland and Traveline are doing to improve this experience for disabled people.

Transport Scotland is working with Traveline Scotland to understand what changes should be made to improve the travel planning information and associated services currently made available via the Traveline Scotland website and app services.

At present, Transport Scotland are engaging various stakeholders ranging from transport operators to Local Authorities, Regional Transport Partnerships and public transport related bodies. They are keen to understand what accessibility related information you think should be made available to help you better plan your travel journey across modes of transport including bus, rail, ferry, tram and subway.

You can view services currently available via the Traveline Scotland website or you can download the app via the IOS or Android store for free.

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Webinar: Access to Public Appointments

Join Disability Equality Scotland on Thursday 3 June from 1:30pm to 3:00pm as we host a webinar discussion about Access to Public Appointments.

A public appointment is when a Scottish Government Minister appoints someone to the Board of a public body.

Public bodies seek to promote, deliver, fund and scrutinise public services, or to provide impartial expert advice to Ministers, the Parliament, the public and other organisations that deliver public services.

Statistics from 2019 highlight that disabled people are significantly under-represented on public body Boards in Scotland, with 7% of all current Scottish public body Board appointees identified as disabled, whereas 20% of the total Scottish population identified as disabled. In response, the Scottish Government public appointments team is seeking to make public body Boards more representative of the wider population of Scotland.  

The webinar will focus on what measures can be introduced to make public appointments more accessible and inclusive for disabled people. This will cover the accessibility of the application process, identifying financial barriers and what reasonable adjustments can be made during meetings.

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